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The 9th Session of World Urban Forum (7-13 February 2018).

By Admin | Rabu, 14 Februari 2018 | 1076 views

The World Urban Forum serves as a space for stakeholders from local to global level and with diverse perspectives to exchange knowledge and learning on the progress of the implementation of the New Urban Agenda - which in 2016 has been agreed by 193 countries at the Habitat III Conference. At the 9th session of the WUF, Women Assembly was held again to share how women's achievements, contributions and commitments for safe, inclusive and sustainable urban development. Not only that, the Grassroots Assembly for the first time was organized as collaboration of Huairou Commission, SDI Network, and WIEGO, becoming a space for grassroots - women, men, slum dwellers, informal workers, young people - to voice out views, resiliences, provide inputs and recommendations so proved that grassroots actively participate in the achievement of New Urban Agenda and Goal 11 of Sustainable Development Goals (Resilient Cities and Communties).

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