IDEAKSI and Intergenerational Groups Participation in Commemorating National Older People Day in Sleman Regency, 30 August 2022

“Sleman Gumregah Bersama Lansia”


"National Older People Day (HLUN) which is commemorated every 29 May is a day where the Republic of Indonesia wants to appreciate in the form of appreciation for the spirit of body and soul as well as the important role and strategy of the Indonesian older people in their work to maintain self-reliance, participate in development and advance the nation." This is quoted from the website

The Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemensos RI) in its official website also underlines the importance of paying attention to the interrelationships between Indonesia, which is a highly disaster-prone area and its influence or impact on the older people. So the theme for the 2022 National Older People Day is "Healthy Older People, Strong Indonesia," while the sub-themes can be adjusted to the respective Ministries/Agencies and Local Governments.

In Sleman Regency, the 2022 National Older People Day (HLUN) is commemorated on August 30, 2022 at the Sleman Regional Government Square, Beran, Tridadi, Sleman. Sleman Regency took the sub theme "Sleman Gumregah with Older People". This event was enlivened by a series of activities including mass gymnastics across generations, presentations on the older people, health checks, and exhibitions of local potential.

In the terms of reference presented by the Social Service Office of the Sleman Regional Government, the implementation of HLUN is a form of appreciation for the older people, as a means of increasing knowledge and insight in the context of preventing disease in the older people, as well as an effort to create strong older people through Inter-Generation Groups.

Since 2015 YEU has initiated the organization of older people groups with a cross-generational approach in nineteen villages in Sleman Regency and three villages in Magelang Regency. Currently, this program can collaborate with the Social Service and is one of the programs supported by the Regional Commission for the Older People of Sleman Regency. Meanwhile, the challenge faced is the need to ensure the regeneration of intergenerational group management (KLG) and support for sustainable capacity building for all KLG members.

Through IDEAKSI, at HLUN 2022, YEU opened a stand that promotes disaster risk reduction and preparedness that is friendly for the older people, as well as alternative livelihood activities that are older people-friendly and environmentally friendly, namely maggot cultivation through Maggobox innovation by one of the team. IDEAKSI innovator, Winongo Asri Communication Forum (FKWA) Yogyakarta.

From discussions with KLG members, the majority of older people activities are close to agriculture, animal husbandry and waste management, including organic waste or household kitchen waste. Maggot cultivation is older people friendly because it does not require a lot of time and effort, and the costs required are affordable. So, maggot cultivation offers activities that can support the activities of the older people, in addition to supporting organic waste processing activities, maggot is also believed to be useful as animal feed including fish and poultry so that it can be an alternative additional income for the older people.

The Deputy Regent of Sleman, Mr. Danang Maharsa and the Head of the Social Service Office of Sleman, Mr. Eko Suhargono, visited the YEU booth and talked about maggot cultivation, KLG assistance, and disaster innovations that are friendly to the elderly. (photo of YEU doc).

An interactive quiz about disaster (left) for booth visitors to play and Mrs. Sumini (right), one of the FKWA innovator teams, introduced maggot cultivation using the Maggobox model. (photo of YEU doc)