Caring is the Most Important Thing

Juanda Ginting, a volunteer for YAKKUM Emergency Unit (YEU) supporting the humanitarian response to the earthquake in North Tapanuli, said that the relief distribution is scheduled for Tuesday, 11 October 2022 in Sipoholon Sub-district. The response plan was based on the result of coordination with HKBP Lumban Baringin in Sipoholon to target communities affected by the earthquake. A total of 25 food aid packages were distributed at this location, out of a total of 450 packages planned to be distributed to 4 locations.

After the distribution, Juanda had the opportunity to chat with Mr Ungkap Parapat, one of the beneficiaries who came to the HKBP church. Mr Ungkap said that a large earthquake (magnitude M6.0 at a depth of 10 km) occurred before dawn on 1 October 2022, at 02:28 am local time. The strong quake immediately cut off the electricity, so Mr Ungkap and his family had difficulty moving out of the house in the dark. “Due to the blackout, we were a little late leaving the house. I turned on the cell phone to find a flashlight, then headed out of the house," he explained.

Mr Ungkap said that until yesterday he had received several types of relief assistance, including from local governments. The aid received did not only fulfil their physical needs, but more than that, Mr Ungkap conveyed that any kind of assistance had boosted the spirit and morale of the community. He further said, "Perhaps in terms of the value of the assistance, it is sufficient. But, what we see the most is the enthusiasm to support, including from those who come from afar to provide assistance."

There are always lessons to be learned from every disaster event, and one thing Mr Ungkap said was a reflection, "Whatever assistance I receive at this time, what makes me happy is that there are still people who care about us, that's the most important thing."

Mr Ungkapl is a reflection that there is always hope in every disaster condition. The hope is that wherever and under any conditions, humans must always care for each other to help each other and lift the spirits of others who are in trouble.

Ending the conversation, Mr Ungkap shared the hope that he always kept in his prayers, that the earthquakes would soon pass so that people could return to their activities and to try and always think positively.