ACT Alliance Asia - Pacific Gender Community of Practice (CoP)

On 27 - 29 September 2022 in Bali, Action by Churches Together (ACT) Alliance organized a gender community of practice (CoP) for the Asia - Pacific region. This meeting was held in the same week as the regional meeting of ACT Alliance members in the same region.

The COP meeting, which was attended by 31 participants representing ACT Alliance members in the Asia-Pacific region, among others aims to strengthen the gender capacity of CoP and ACT alliance members, strengthen coordination between members and the strategic direction of  gender CoP, share knowledge and experience in carry out programs related to and outside the ACT gender program (strategic projects, policies, advocacy), making work related to gender justice contextual including how to work with theologians, and uniting a group of theologians, working to ground the work of gender justice in a contextualized faith perspective.

The ACT Alliance Asia-Pacific Gender CoP itself was formed for ACT staff members in the region, who agreed to work together to gain knowledge, share lessons learned, best practices and develop competencies related to their field of work – both at global and regional levels. ACT recognizes that knowledge and learning are the main assets of the alliance and seeks to provide a way for members to work together as learning organizations, so ACT CoPs including gender CoPs were formed to maintain this process.

As the implementing agency for the gender justice strategic project in 2020, YEU together with members of the ACT Indonesia Forum who attended this meeting, namely CWS (Church World Service) Indonesia and CDRM&CDS (Center for Disaster Risk Management and Community Development Studies) had the opportunity to share learning experiences from the implementation of the strategic project. YEU shared lessons learned about the practice of managing community resilience funds by women's groups in the city of Yogyakarta and how to build a referral mechanism for handling cases of gender-based violence, CWS shared lessons learned about efforts to build economic justice for women in rural areas in East Nusa Tenggara, and CDRM&CDS shared lessons learned. In working with the church to achieve gender justice through reading the Bible with new eyes (read: gender justice perspective).

After discussing various issues related to gender justice in the context of each community, the Asia-Pacific Gender CoP then formulated three issues that became the priority focus of CoP's work for the coming year, namely: gender-based violence, women's leadership, and economic injustice for women. These three issues were then presented in a session with the participants of the regional forum meeting.

Picture 2: Joint meeting session between CoP gender participants and regional forum meeting participants.